Friday, August 30, 2013

Most Irritating Work Phrases

There is a time and place for buzz words and phrases, mostly in my opinion centered around key words for search engines.  When used in conversation, they just make people sound like they don't know what they are talking about but want to speak up.

Here is my list of "never use in conversation" phrases in no particular order.

  1. Drill down
  2. Low hanging fruit
  3. Playground or sandbox environment
  4. Think outside of the box
  5. Back to the drawing board
  6. C-Suite
  7. Value add
  8. Pick your brain
  9. Cash cow
  10. Give it 110%
  11. Team Player
  12. Cast a wide net
  13. Game changer
  14. Viral
  15. Transparent

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Controversial Books to Read

I think it is important for adults to expose themselves to other points of view for many reasons. One of which is to be able to understand and have compassion for others that do not have the same environment, experience and viewpoint.   I use the word adult, because without a strong foundation both intellectually and spiritually a child and even a young adult can be easily confused about right, wrong and intent.

Here are a few books that obviously do not line up to my world view, but I have found helpful in discussions with others in both understanding their point of view and framing intelligent rebuttal.

  1. The Quran
  2. The Communist Manifesto
  3. The Secret
  4. The Book of Mormon
  5. The Golden Compass Series
  6. The God Delusion
  7. The Prince
  8. On the Origin of Species
I realize there are many Christians who believe that the reading list is unfit for consumption and reading such books will only lead to the decay of values and is a misuse of time.  If your conviction is to not read this book list, then don't. I have found that reading them through the lens of my faith it only strengthened it and gave me a framework for conversation.