Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freel at Spring Training

Picture Taken by : The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger

My Picks

Top Restaurants in Cincinnati

10. Dee Felice Café - Halibut and Lobster and Oyster Shooters
9. Essencha Tea House – Awesome Assortment of Tea
8. Rumpke’s Concession Stand – There is nothing better than an overpriced hot dog and beer when it’s 100°
7. Lu Lu’s Noodles – Fried Rice
6. Fricker’s - Wings
5. Graters’ Ice cream – Flavor of the Month
4. Grande Finale – Flower Salad
3. Teak Thai Cuisine – Wonton Soup
2. Carrabba's - Salmon
1. Chili Time – Chili Fries and Double Decker’s

Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Long Awaited Season

The pitchers and catchers have long since reported in. The rest of the team has backed off the weights and started stretching. The smell of dirt is in the air somewhere… not here… but somewhere.

The Reds play the Twins for on March 3rd at 1:05 for the first pre-season game in Sarasota. We gave up Clayton (SS), LaRue (C), Franklin (P), Aurilla (SS), Johnson (P) and Schoeneweis (P). There are some big names in that group and word on the street is that the Reds are looking to unload Adam Dunn but that we have no takers yet.

Still, we have the strongest pitching lineup in years. Our field is set with a strong bench behind us. Hopefully we can loose that fear of winning and make it a summer to be at the park.

Great American did a great job after the All Star break of brining in crowds with cheap tickets and $1.00 hot dogs. If they continue to be family friendly they can guarantee ticket sales – win or lose.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Shut Up or Leave

We had a snow storm earlier this week. I know that you people who lived in Alaska (Michigan, Wisconsin, Chicago or “Up North”) laugh at our snowstorms. I know that our snow is nothing like the mounds of impassable snow that you are accustom and our six inches seem like a joke to you. I know that you “Alaskans” are able to navigate the streets of Cincinnati with ease in snow and ice and you wish that we would just stay off the road. I know that your weathermen are able to predict to the moment and the millimeter the amount of snowfall and you laugh at our amateur attempts to give weather updates.

Cincinnati has rapidly changing weather. Cincinnati has hills. Cincinnati only gets about one big snowfall a year and when we do get that big snowfall it takes everyone off guard.

Cincinnatians love to focus on the weather. We slow down to look at the falling snow, driving rain, rolling fog and big fluffy clouds.

My advice to you “Alaskan”, sit back and relax. There will be delays; there will be breaking news to report every inch. All public events will be canceled. If you have dinner plans with a Cincinnatian they will be rescheduled. Take a deep breath, make some tea, light a fire and enjoy the view. Life will resume.