Friday, February 16, 2007

The Long Awaited Season

The pitchers and catchers have long since reported in. The rest of the team has backed off the weights and started stretching. The smell of dirt is in the air somewhere… not here… but somewhere.

The Reds play the Twins for on March 3rd at 1:05 for the first pre-season game in Sarasota. We gave up Clayton (SS), LaRue (C), Franklin (P), Aurilla (SS), Johnson (P) and Schoeneweis (P). There are some big names in that group and word on the street is that the Reds are looking to unload Adam Dunn but that we have no takers yet.

Still, we have the strongest pitching lineup in years. Our field is set with a strong bench behind us. Hopefully we can loose that fear of winning and make it a summer to be at the park.

Great American did a great job after the All Star break of brining in crowds with cheap tickets and $1.00 hot dogs. If they continue to be family friendly they can guarantee ticket sales – win or lose.

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Abby said...

I love the fact that you know exactly who was traded. Yes, I will attend more games. It is the American pastime, after all.