Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November 2

Don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inflammatory Statements I Stand Behind.

1. Abortion is murder.
2. Government welfare is the enslavement of the poor.
3. Our government will continue to be held hostage by corrupt politicians and the progressive agenda until people my age are willing to pay attention, take a stand and run for office.
4. Glen Beck has some very good points and is correct about many of his political points. He is also completely incorrect when it comes to his religion and is leading millions in the opposite direction when it comes to salvation.
5. Our higher educational system needs to be completely revamped to include marketability in the corporate world. Many college grads today do not have the ability to work in a structured work environment and totally lack professional awareness.
6. The work fair is the most overused excuse today, with a close second to deserve.
7. Conservatives do a terrible job articulating belief and spend too much time defending minor points and not enough time making statements of truth.
8. Truth is not a feeling, emotion or changing condition. What is true for you is true for me. We all live on the round earth and water is wet. People confuse perspective with truth.


1. Why are people that are anti- war and anti- death penalty almost always pro-choice?
2. Why is vulgar language a freedom of expression but prayer in a public place offensive?
3. Why will Darwin scientist not publish a paper to point by point debunk creationism if there is so much irrefutable evidence?
4. When did the terms illegal alien and immigrant become interchangeable?
5. When did political opinion become offensive?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Social Justice

Sounds good right? People not discriminated on based on race, religion or ethnic background. It stirs images of people joining together to help people out of forced ghettoes and helping orphans get bread for dinner. I think of helping the workers in big factories like in Far and Away with the chicken feather pluckers and teaching children how to read.

The images could not be farther from the truth.

Social Justice is code language used by Progressives (which is code for evolutionary as apposed to revolutionary Communist.) to teach people that they are victims of capitalism and I would go as far as victims of Christianity.

Self victimization is a dangerous business. Few Americans today are true victims. We may be victims of a crime, but does that mean we are victims for life? We may be a victim of poverty, but does that mean we have to stay in poverty. Social Justice teaches that we are victims and we will always be victims. It teaches not to rise above and triumph but to pull down and destroy those viewed as the villain.

Who are the Social Justice villains? The wealthy. The religious. The working. You. Me. Your doctor. Your boss.

Who is the real villain? Those buying into the Social Justice lie. What it really does is hold people back from true potential. It is a forced slavery and hurts the poor and uneducated.

Code words are great because they often start under the cover of darkness and be used in the light of day. Gradually they become used in everyday conversation by people who don’t know what they mean. Then they are taught to children in elementary school. Suddenly the words loose the meaning that they have and become something else. The originators of the words have no problem with this because it furthers the agenda.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY to choose our words wisely and to know the meaning of what we are saying and what is being taught to our children. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

To my Democrat friends (yes I have some):

You are right. Conservatives are up in arms about the amount of money being spent by this administration. There were no Tea Parties during the past administration when spending was out of control.

My question to you is where were you?

Don't we need to start somewhere?

It would be a real shame when Republicans gain control of the house and senate again if the Tea Parties disappeared.

This country is caught in a vicious circle of political corruption on both sides and someone needs to break that cycle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Misquote

I am a regular listener to Rush and Beck. I am also a regular reader of Media Matters and The Cincinnati Beacon. I watch MSN and Fox News.

We all know that good ratings equal extreme rhetoric. Both ends of the political spectrum hold very different views on every issue. It seems that there are enough sound bites that could be taken in context to illustrate a point.

Lately, it has been the norm to take sound bites out of context and use them to create public outrage. Rush used the word retard on his show last week. In context he was taking a poke at Rahm Emanuel using the word retard. Surrounding the comment he joked that it would become a sound bite that would result in him getting in "trouble" with the media. He was correct.

With technological capabilities there is no longer an excuse to misquote someone. There is no longer an excuse to take things out of context in error. Today misquoting is deliberate and malicious.

Some sites are based entirely of sound bites and misquotes. Media Matters is an excellent example of this practice. I read several articles about Rush's retard statement- along with the string of comments posted in response. I also heard the live broadcast of the actual statement in question. The disparity in facts was almost alarming.

It is time for us as intelligent Americans to take responsibility for the "news" that we are ingesting. The resources are readily available to check sources and the context of statements. If we are not doing some quick research we are just being lazy and contributing to the problem.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How many examples do we need?

Danny Williams the Newfoundland Premier is coming to the US for heart surgery this week.

I believe that the United States has the best physicians and hospitals in the world. Apparently so do many world leaders. Premier Williams is on the first to come to the US to receive healthcare, it happens everyday.

What will happen if we go to a single payer system? Will people still flock to the US to have complicated procedures done? Will we have room for them? Will we have room for our own citizens?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


With so much to say about the state of the country it is difficult to pick a topic. For today this will have to do.

With unemployment numbers climbing, national debt on the dramatic rise and discontent with both parties one would think that his approval numbers will continue to drop. Only those who blindly cling to the man and the party line will hang on.