Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inflammatory Statements I Stand Behind.

1. Abortion is murder.
2. Government welfare is the enslavement of the poor.
3. Our government will continue to be held hostage by corrupt politicians and the progressive agenda until people my age are willing to pay attention, take a stand and run for office.
4. Glen Beck has some very good points and is correct about many of his political points. He is also completely incorrect when it comes to his religion and is leading millions in the opposite direction when it comes to salvation.
5. Our higher educational system needs to be completely revamped to include marketability in the corporate world. Many college grads today do not have the ability to work in a structured work environment and totally lack professional awareness.
6. The work fair is the most overused excuse today, with a close second to deserve.
7. Conservatives do a terrible job articulating belief and spend too much time defending minor points and not enough time making statements of truth.
8. Truth is not a feeling, emotion or changing condition. What is true for you is true for me. We all live on the round earth and water is wet. People confuse perspective with truth.

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Abby said...

LOVE THESE!!!! Most, if not all are points that I also stand behind. I appreciate your articulation.