Wednesday, November 01, 2006


You all knew it was coming. Voter picks for 2006. Most are pretty predictable. Mason is pretty boring not even a gambling debate.


Mike DeWine – Yes
Pro life
Voted for School Vouchers
Voted for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006

Sherrod Brown – No
But I do agree with his assessment about Immigration and trade problems need to be solved in order to solve immigration issues.

My biggest problem with Brown is that the ACLU backs him.


I am not a big fan of either.

Ken Blackwell – Yes, Sigh
Pro life
Voted for School Vouchers – and wants to expand the voucher program
Healthcare – he thinks the biggest problem is people suing doctors? Are you kidding?

Ted Strickland – No
I do agree with his views of healthcare. Senior care and medical care cost are the biggest problems in healthcare and are not being addressed.

Very boring race.

Jean Schmidt – Yes
Pro Life
For School Vouchers

Victoria Wulsin – No

I would skip to the issues now – but they are almost all school levy reductions – of which I am voting yes for all but the last.

The only issue in Mason worth talking about is issue 3.

Issue three
Lower the contribution limits from individuals to $1,000 to a state legislative candidate or county political party, $2,000 to a candidate for statewide executive office, and $5,000 to state or national political parties. Corporate contributions to political parties would be banned.

I am going to vote yes on this issue because I have found the campaigns to be so off issue and out of control that I would like to see less of them. The commercials do not talk about issues anyway so I say get rid of them.

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