Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I have not been keeping up with my blog.... between the new job and the wedding I was a bit swamped. I can not resist commenting on the departure of Rosie O'Donald from the View.

I don't get to watch the View very much anymore, but when I did she made the entire experience unpleasant. She is, in my opinion a prime example of the social decay of the media. Hopefully, Rosie will stay off the airways and save us all from her constant whining. Maybe she can do something constructive with her time, she has talked enough about how to change the country, perhaps she should run for office.

Congratulations Elizabeth, you survived.


Anonymous said...

Darn right you've been busy!!
I fully agree about Rosie. She is a prime example of people shooting off their mouths and then taking no action. As a "celebrity" she has a certain visibility that the average joe does not, and could be using that status in order to make a difference.
Oh, and I would not vote her into office should she run. :?)

Abby said...

Dear sister, are you going to post anything else?? I'm feeling neglected, but then again I should probably post something myself.
There is so much going on that can fuel your monologues, I'm surprised that your fingers haven't been flying.