Monday, September 24, 2007

Inspire Me!

Cincinnati has an enormous amount of events to enjoy. We have two professional teams. We have many semi-pro teams that many people overlook – roller derby to name one. We have fantastic events that everyone can participate in – softball, volleyball, soccer.

Cincinnati also has an incredible art and craft base. I have been attending art and craft shows for the past few weekends and I am amazed at the amount of talent living around me.

I was particularly impressed at the Mason Arts Festival on Sunday. The event had all of the essentials – food, music, face painting. It also had a lot of very unique jewelry, pottery, textile arts and photography. I was impressed by the time spent in the display and setup of the goods being sold. Everything was beautifully done even if it was not my taste.

The Mason show also had a great display of student art starting with elementary school drawings up to high school collage, masks and sculpture. I was again impressed with the creativity and time put in to the pieces.

The Mason show is not one that I will miss in the future.

It was a weekend that left me totally inspired.

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