Wednesday, January 07, 2009

30 Before 30

1. One new baked recipe per month
2. One new main course recipe per month
3. One new place per month
4. Two new large angel tree toppers
5. One new home project per month
6. Christmas shopping done on or before Thanksgiving weekend
7. Acquire one piece of art
8. Give something away that I love
9. Volunteer quarterly
10. Illustrate the paternal side of my family tree
11. Can a bushel of tomatoes
12. Take vitamins consistently
13. Write two letters per month
14. Write myself a letter to be opened in 2015
15. Have one patio pot of tomatoes
16. Complete three studies
17. Attend at least one seminar
18. Make a rug
19. Get my CCW
20. Learn a new skill
21. Get professionally photographed
22. Blog 4 times a month (picture posts don’t count)
23. Roller Skate down by the river
24. Finish one scrap book / altered book as a gift
25. Tell the story of someone’s life and give it to them
26. Finish tile table with Josh
27. Paint and finish the Master bathroom
28. Make and use an advent calendar of things to do each day
29. Watch a high school sporting event
30. Learn not to binge and purge when it comes to my energy level

1 comment:

Abby said...

Do I count as a pro? Because I've been trying to get you and Topher in a shoot since you got engaged. Oh, and I have some interesting ideas for your bedroom decor. When are we going shopping???