Friday, May 01, 2009


I was in a discussion with a fellow believer a few days ago and the subject turned to Humanism.

This person was under the assumption that Humanists are an okay peace loving, non-issue kind of a group. The assumption was that their basic premise is to take care of people without bringing religion into the mix.

I submit to you that after reading the Humanist Manifesto I (II and III to follow) are one of if not the most dangerous group to both our civil and religious liberties.

For a group that is anti-religion they sure have a lot of references to denying the existence of God the creator. They sure spend a lot of time, money and media attention on making Christians appear ignorant and unstable.

Humanist Groups spend a great deal of resources in education and re-education of young people much like the Communist Groups.

We as conservatives have spent too much time screaming into the wind at the left and have left our youth to "figure things out" for themselves or to believe blindly "because I said so". While it is crucial for each individual to come to their own beliefs out of true education and not blind belief, we have stopped preaching against the dangers of specific traps. We are not arming the youth of today with any ammunition of substance. We are waiting until it is too late. Children are being indoctrinated as soon as they are old enough to watch cartoons with reasonable arguments (to a child with no basis for understanding truth).

Are we not arming our children with substance because we have none ourselves? Do we believe because we were raised to believe? If that is the case - we have already lost. It is imperative that we are able to defend our beliefs in a rational, scientific methodical way and then teach our children to do the same. If you believe that it can not be done- you have bought the Humanism lie.

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