Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lockland Lawsuit

Christopher Knecht a Lockland resident who is suing Lockland for displaying the 10 Commandments outside of the town hall. His claim is that it is unconstitutional and goes as far as calling them “religious fables and myths”.

The bottom line is that he is not the first to call foul on religious displays. I find it very amusing that he has been in legal trouble himself and has found a lawsuit the best way to lash out.

I would love to find a suite that I could bring against the city or state for a display of humanism that I find offensive. I would happily give the attorney all of the damages won in trade for his or her time. Apparently it does not even have to be a suite that makes sense if I truly feel “damaged” by the display.

By the way separation of church and state is: one not a law, and two a statement made to keep the government from ESABLISHING an official church.

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