Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Free Free Free

Free healthcare for all

Free housing for single moms

Free education for college students

Free breakfast for kids

It may be “free” for the individual accepting the service but who really pays?

Taxpayers are stuck holding the bill for services that they may never use and the individual using the service get stuck in a cycle of “free” goods and services that they will never "break free".

People enrolled in the “free” service programs have to stay below yearly income, so there is no incentive to ever make more. We are raising a society of college educated young people who are going to continue to receive free social services under the guise of a helping hand up.

But at what point should people be held accountable for their own lives? There is a vast difference in helping someone get back on their feet and people living off of the system for generations.

So who is the real looser in the deal, the voluntary population of slaves that we as a country have created or the tax payer?

Who benefits from a population living off of social services? Simply: Individuals running for office promising those free services.

So is it FREE FOR US or FREE US?

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