Monday, September 25, 2006

Rock the Vote

When did Rock the Vote start taking a political side? I realize it is MTV and it’s not going to be ultra conservative, but when where does it say that you can’t watch MTV and be a Republican?

Rock the Vote started out as an organization that encouraged young people to vote. Just to vote, not vote for any political party. Rock the Vote was a movement about educating young people about the importance and the responsibility of casting a vote in every election.

I was at one time a big supporter of Rock the Vote. As I got older I drifted away from the movement a bit not because I no longer believed in its importance, but because I got information from other venues and honestly I was no longer the target age. I went back to the site to see what was going on and I was a bit shocked and dismayed. No longer the bi-partisan group of my youth, now just another voice of the Democratic Party.

It’s too bad. The concept was great, encouraging socially conscious people. Now it is just another cattle drive.

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