Friday, December 28, 2007

Supertalk is gone…

I have not been at work on a regular basis for about 2 weeks due to Christmas and a Vacation to Vegas so I have not missed my talk radio. I heard the construction sounds just before I left and hoped that there was some kind of strike or station issues and my regular routine would be back soon. I listened to Christmas music and finished out the few days before leaving for Vegas. Arriving back at work I was shocked and dismayed to find music playing.

Music is fine, but I miss Glen and Dave. I have been searching the stations looking for some kind of intelligent talk for my workday. I need something more than bad jokes and commercials that are trying to sell me things that I neither want nor need.

I am hoping that one of the other stations will pick up both the Glenn Beck Program and The Dave Ramsey Show. Until then I am getting both of the newsletters and recapping yesterday’s news on my lunch break.

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