Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

I have not replaced my camera batteries yet, so I have no pictures to share from yesterday’s rally.

It was a great turn out of all backgrounds. There were a few people who came pushing a few agendas that were off topic but with the size of the crowd I thought people did a great job of staying focused.

I have read some other bloggers who did not have a great experience and I was a bit disheartened.

While I love the passion that was displayed, we need to remember that we are representing a larger cause. We don’t need to give anyone cause to discredit the movement. People will find reason to mock - no matter how well presented the simple message. Fiscal Responsibility, Smaller Government (and I will take it one step further – return to LOCAL GOVERNMENT POWER) and Free Markets.

I have noticed that the 2 main arguments that the Left regurgitates over and over is that “we” are just upset that “we” lost the election and that out of control spending has been going on since Bush.

I have to say to the first, we all lost the last election. We all lose when one party has the majority – NO MATTER WHAT. Yes, I would say that if republicans were in power as well. Since coming of the voting age I have never been able to vote on a candidate that I believe in. I have always had to choose of the lesser of the two evils. It was no different for me in the election.

If anyone paid any attention Bush’s approval rating it took a nose dive after his second term. Yes, government spending has been out of control for years – and this administration has NO plans to correct it. In fact the spending is snowballing.

What I don’t understand is why people are upset that average Americans – moms, high school kids, small business owners - are getting involved. YES, we showed up late!! YES, we should have been acting sooner – or we would not be in this mess.

My plea to all of us “radicals” is that now we are here – now that we are using our voice, make the message clear and respectful so that people will listen. Don’t engage people who are shouting - they are not listening any way. Give others respect. We will not always get it back - but we will never get it if we do not give it.

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